What's Inside: The Wedding Emergency Kit


Now I may just be a little over-prepared, but this what I carry with me, either in my bag or in my car, for every event I work. I’ve been to weddings were the groomsmen were given boutonnières without pins, or a bridesmaids dress needs to be hemmed. Obviously, if you’ve hired me I come with all this stuff, but if you’re one for being extra prepared, it doesn’t hurt to have duplicate or make your own kit.

(Not pictured: the 3 bubble umbrellas I keep in my car if we want some photos in the rain; the Swiss army knife and bottle opener on my key chain that has come in handy a few times; and a change of clothes.)

  1. Deodorant

  2. Bobby Pins + Hair Ties + Clips

  3. Lip Balm

  4. Medications

  5. Travel Sewing Kit + Straight Pins + Scissors + Safety Pins

  6. Tampons + Pads

  7. Tissues

  8. First Aid Kit

  9. Tide-To-Go

  10. Spare Contacts+ Solution + Glasses + Eye Drops

  11. Sunscreen + Bug Spray

  12. Phone Charger

  13. Hairbrush + Hairspray

  14. Perfume/Cologne

  15. Lotion

  16. Toothbrush + Toothpaste + Floss + Mouthwash

  17. Spare Make-up + Make-up Wipes

  18. Mints + Gum + Lozenges

  19. Heel Savers

  20. Nail Clippers + File + Cotton Buds

What’s something you were happy to have on hand when getting ready for your wedding?