What To Wear - A Portrait Clothing Guide

Here are a few tips when deciding what to wear for your portrait session:

1. Try to avoid or limit pattern clothing. While they might look great on their own, they can often clash with each other. Busy patterns also tend to draw the eye away from you and onto what you are wearing. Same goes for clothing with characters, logos or very noticeable words on them. You're the star! Don't let your clothes be a distraction.

2. Color coordination is key. If you are having a family or group photo session, try coordinating the colors for everyone. Try shades or complementary colors, but not all the same/matching! Have everyone be a little different.


3. Remember your setting. Where you are having your photo shoot and the time are year can also be a deciding factor in what you are wearing. You want to work with your location, not against

4. Match your decor. If you plan on hanging your photos in your home, think of the color scheme you already have. You may want to go with clothing that matches your decor. However, a classic black and white photo works well anywhere.

5. Accessorize! Accessories, like jackets, scarves, necklaces, and ties, add texture to your look and can give your outfit more depth.