About Me

Kristen started Little But Fierce was started in 2016 after she finished her master's in photography from Syracuse University. Kristen has a passion for fine art photography and self-portraiture, but she wanted to share her work more with the people around her. She loves to capture the little, tender moments at events and genuine expressions in portrait sessions, spreading joy with every frame taken and creating keepsakes you will cherish for years to come. 

Although, Kristen has a pretty flexible schedule, your best bet to save your session date is to contact her at least a month beforehand especially during the warmer months and weekends. Kristen has traveled all over the Northeast for her clients and she books a year in advance. Her availability can be found below and she is available for sessions on weekdays. In certain circumstances, last minute sessions can be arranged. Gift cards can also be purchased and used at a later date.


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The following dates are currently reserved: (Last updated 4/16/19)

04/20/19 Wedding//Poughkeepsie, NY

04/23/19 Business//Germantown, NY

04/27/19 Family//NYC, NY

04/28/19 Mini Sessions//Hyde Park, NY

05/03/19 Wedding//Washingtonville, NY

05/04/19 Wedding//Stony Point, NY

05/25/19 Event//West Point, NY

05/27/19 Wedding//Washingtonville, NY

06/01/19 Wedding//New Hampton, NY

06/08/19 Wedding//Kingston, NY

06/15/19 Event//Boston, MA

06/22/19 Wedding//Rye, NY

07/06/19 Wedding//Wallkill, NY

07/27/19 Wedding//Poughkeepsie, NY

09/01/19 Wedding//Hyde Park, NY

09/13/19 Wedding//Rye, NY

09/14/19 Wedding//Pine Bush, NY

09/15/19 Wedding//Middletown, CT

09/21/19 Wedding//Old Forge, NY

09/28/19 Wedding//Middletown, NY

10/13/19 Wedding//Lagrange, NY

10/19/19 Wedding//Poughkeepsie, NY

02/01/20 Wedding//Phillipstown, NY