Kristen Tomkowid

Welcome, welcome, welcome

To Little But Fierce Photography! I’m Kristen just in time for a quick recap of my business and all the good stuff about it. I opened up shop in 2016 after receiving my master's in photography from Syracuse University. I did some photojournalism and a lot of self-portraiture and now, I am here.

I’m a coffee-sipping, TV-binging, tree-hugging, cool beans ginger. I try to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as I can be and hope to mesh that more into my work. I’m also a big organizer. If you need TV or podcast recommendations, I got lists for you— alphabetized and separated by genre. Currently, I’m trying to minimize because of Marie Kondo, but I love thrift shopping and book sales, so it’s been a slow journey.

This is my full-time job so my schedule, aside from Saturdays, is pretty flexible. Your best bet to save your session date is to contact me at least a month beforehand especially during the warmer months and weekends. I have traveled all over the Northeast for my clients and I book a year in advance. My availability can be found below and I am available on weekdays. In certain circumstances, last minute sessions can be arranged. Gift cards can also be purchased and used at a later date.


The following dates are currently reserved: (Last updated 10/15/19)

10/19/19 Wedding//Poughkeepsie, NY

10/20/19 Family//Coxsackie, NY

10/20/19 Couple//Newtown, CT

10/25/19 Engagement//Pine Bush, NY

10/26/19 Wedding//Kingston, NY

10/27/19 Engagement//Woodstock, NY

11/02/19 Wedding//Fishkill, NY

11/09/19 Business//Poughkeepsie, NY

11/23/19 Family//NY

11/24/19 Wedding//Warren, NJ

02/01/20 Wedding//Phillipstown, NY

04/04/20 Wedding//Monroe, NY

06/06/20 Wedding//Poughkeepsie, NY

06/07/20 Wedding//Washingtonville, NY

06/27/20 Wedding//Newburgh, NY

08/22/20 Wedding//Albany, NY

08/28/20 Wedding//Washingtonville, NY

09/04/20 Wedding//Chittenden, VT

09/05/20 Wedding//Saratoga Springs, NY

09/19/20 Wedding//Ridgefield, CT

09/26/20 Wedding//New Windsor, NY

09/27/20 Wedding//Troy, NY

10/10/20 Wedding//Brewster, NY

10/17/20 Wedding//Portland, CT

11/07/20 Wedding//Dover, NY

12/12/20 Wedding//Tomkins Cove, NY

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